Emotional Education Essentials

Introducing Applejake® Emotional Resilience Resources – the perfect tools to foster your child’s emotional development! Whether incorporated into story time or integrated into daily routines, our flashcards provide a fun and interactive medium for children to explore empathy and emotional awareness. With our flashcards, children learn to recognize, label, and express emotions in a healthy and secure manner. Help your child cultivate emotional resilience with Applejake® and pave the way for a more emotionally intelligent future.


The Applejake® Toolkit – Empowering Emotional Growth

Unlock a harmonious balance between work and family life with Applejake®! Crafted by busy moms, for busy moms, we intimately understand the intricacies of managing work and family obligations. That’s why our commitment extends to providing learning materials that bridge accessibility and enjoyment for both children and parents. Our unique approach nurtures the growth of confident, curious, and resilient individuals.

Experience the Applejake® Advantage

Engage with the perfect blend of entertainment and education through our range of learning materials at Applejake®! Co-founded by mothers, our materials are thoughtfully designed to address the challenges of balancing work and family. Our mission is to deliver accessible and enjoyable learning experiences for children and parents alike. Our innovative methods foster individuals who are empowered, inquisitive, and equipped for resilience. Join us in empowering your child’s development and unlocking their full potential with Applejake®!