Memo Game

Develop Emotional Intelligence Through Play

Introducing the Applejake® Emotions Memo Game – a delightful and engaging way to nurture emotional intelligence in children! This set features 25 pairs of exquisitely designed picture cards (a total of 50 cards), each capturing a distinct emotion inspired by the lovable Applejake® characters.

Elevate Emotional Regulation Skills

This innovative game transcends mere entertainment – it actively contributes to the development of crucial emotional regulation skills in children. Whether your child is experiencing happiness, sadness, or anything in between, they’ll find joy and learning in playing with the Applejake® Emotions Memo Game.

Ways to use the Applejake® Memo Game

How to Play

  • Print the cards on durable cardboard paper and cut them out.
  • Mix the cards and place them picture-side-down on a flat surface.
  • Arrange the cards in a grid of 5 rows across and 5 rows down, utilizing all 50 cards.


  • The youngest player initiates the game.
  • Players take turns turning over two cards picture-side-up.
  • If the cards match, the player keeps them and takes another turn.
  • If the cards do not match, they are turned back over, and it’s the next player’s turn.
  • Remember the card positions for future matches!

End of the Game:

  • The game concludes when all cards are matched and removed from play.
  • Count the matching pairs, and the player with the most pairs emerges victorious!

You can even play by yourself and practice your memory skills. Have fun with the Applejake® Emotion Cards!

Setting Up the Game

Empower your child’s emotional intelligence with the Applejake® Emotions Memo Game! This creative game not only provides entertainment but also fosters essential emotional regulation skills. Whether your child is joyful, pensive, or anywhere in between, they’ll discover learning and amusement in the Applejake® Emotions Memo Game.

What’s Included:

  • 25 pairs of Applejake® Emotion Cards (total of 50 cards)
  • Instructions to print the cards on sturdy cardboard paper (one-sided only)
  • Optional lamination for enhanced durability


Card Dimensions:

  • 9 x 9 cm for A4 printing
  • 18 x 18 cm for A3 printing

+ Free Applejake Sticker Handout of the 25 Emotions

Ready to Play?

Dive into the world of emotions through play with the Applejake® Emotions Memo Game. Elevate your family game nights with this captivating tool that blends entertainment and education seamlessly. Order your set today from our Etsy Shop and embark on an exciting journey of emotional exploration!